Tell me a story!

They say storytelling and advertising go hand in hand. But I believe storytelling and LIFE are glued together.

To persuade your parents that you ARE actually sleeping at a friend’s house and not at your boyfriend’s – storytelling.

To excuse yourself for not being able to present today – storytelling.

To tell your wife why you didn’t have time to wash the dishes but had time to see your buddies – storytelling.

All in all – to intrigue people on a daily basis – storytelling.

People don’t have time to be bored. Busy people.  They crave excitement, dynamism and surprise.

Almost every little girl and boy I knew in my childhood had a list of questions they were asking to potential ‘relationship’ candidates. As children don’t know the shackles of society and norm, the questions and the answers went as follows:

‘Do you like cats?’  ‘Cats? They are super furry and disgusting! (broken hopes, off the list)

‘Do you like cars?’ ’Why are you asking? Do you have a car? You can’t have a car, you are too little! (‘She speaks too much. And she called me little.’ Off the list)

Some were taking it to another level:

‘Do you believe in God?’ ‘No, I’d rather believe in the Devil. I’m the Devil himself’ (a miserably failed attempt for a witty flirt)

My relationship entry test was just a request: ‘Tell me a story.’ Logical! I haven’t read the common fairy tales till the age of 8. I was brought up with tailor-made stories. My Father would suddenly stop and ask me: ‘So what do you think happens to Mother Pitta bread and her 5 children Pitta Crumbles?’

So you can imagine the horrified faces of my potential boyfriend candidates. Most of them wisely ran away. Those who stayed to struggle were a few and weren’t blessed with a generous sprinkle of magic storytelling dust. Some learned with time, some were sucked in the supermassive black hole. Yup – that’s what happens to people who can’t tell a story. Remember Scheherazade? I believe she had the two qualities it takes to be a great storyteller – imagination and discipline. Imagine telling a story every night for 1001 nights. She must have come from a military family…


When I found the Man who asked me to tell him stories – all fell into place.

‘Tell me the story about the mischievous squirrel Rally’

‘The squirrel Rally had lived divinely until she got bogged down in gambling with nuts. Her inappropriate jokes weren’t perceived as ‘sweet’ from the severe croupiers and the anteater gamblers.  One day, they caught her cheating on the animal-friendly roulette and brought the case to court. The judge – a respectable, slim pig, had just finished its muesli breakfast. He examined critically the mischievous squirrel Rally and sentenced her to a special kind of imprisonment:

‘I have been watching you closely for years. You have an impressively mischievous CV. So I reckon the worst punishment for you would be to be good, caring, polite and honest for a year! Silence! No objections.’

Rally was rather puzzled. As she wasn’t aware of half of the words Judge Pig mentioned. But they all sounded appallingly.’


Finally, I want to share a video which sums up all that needs to be told about storytelling.


2 thoughts on “Tell me a story!

  1. Corinne says:

    Good info. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon).

    I’ve book-marked it for later!

  2. Beau says:

    Hello friends, its great post concerning educationand entirely defined, keep it up all the time.

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