One thought on “Cultivate observation

  1. Mariana says:

    “An exciting challenge is getting students to work smarter rather than harder as well as to carry over their learning from the classroom to spontaneous real-life use. They get everything right in their exercise books today, and all wrong in the formal email sent tomorrow. We teachers have to live with disappointment: we won’t get complete accuracy. But if we teach some skills to some students, some of them will get better at using some of those skills some of the time, displaying social and study skills.
    We also need to respect other students’ decisions. If after having been taught how to do something and after having had feedback on their mistakes, they still go on messing it up – well, that is their choice, and we shouldn’t waste any more time on the point, or beat ourselves up because we haven’t got the students to do what we want. Life’s too short. The new skill these students will learn is evaluating future consequences of present actions for self and others.”
    Angie, what a privilege and an honor it was to teach you! I was delighted to learn that you found some of my work helpful: that’s what we teachers hope to achieve. Thank you!
    Mrs Detail

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