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TV is the decisive medium

TV edit

With the emergence of digital and interactive advertising, discussions about TV advertising have become really heated.

Many claimed TV is an outworn advertising tool. It was no longer efficient, cost-effective and result-driven.

Then I read Andy Nairn’s blog and a sentence about TV stuck in my mind. “There is no such thing as a passive bazooka.”

I never had a one-sided opinion on the matter. I just like impressive advertising and big ideas.

I truly understood what I thought of TV as a medium thanks to a Pakistani woman.

I ended up living with a Pakistani family for 4 months.

As a Western person I had my preconceived views that it was going to be weird.

Their warm attitude, humour and originality wiped off all I had thought beforehand. Relaxed and explored.

Roshan (the woman) knew I had a boyfriend. So she would occasionally ask me whether I am getting married sometime soon.

One day he came to town and I wanted to meet them. Her husband (Imran) was busy doing something else.

The tradition wouldn’t let Roshan meet my boyfriend if she is not accompanied by her husband.

Imran let her come. A great act of trust in both her and me.

Roshan examined my potential husband. They talked about education and profession. I wasn’t quite listening. It was their moment.

Roshan’s face turned red with worry. She wanted to talk to me in private. Her lips twitched with care.

“He told me he doesn’t have a MA degree. But you DO! You should find somebody better!!!!”

“So what? We love each other. He does something he loves. What’s the issue with that?”

She carried on saying he didn’t deserve me because we were not equal in education. She said he was handsome but that wasn’t important. He didn’t have a MA degree and that was a crisis to her.

Affected by that speech, I told him he needs to get a MA degree. He gave me a very perplexed look and disagreed with me.

Going back home to Roshan I felt I told my potential husband off without a reason. To compensate for that injustice, I went straight to Roshan and told her:

“Look, you are my friend, you have to understand a degree isn’t everything. Probably his friends told him I am not good enough for him because … for example…. He was on TV giving interviews… and on the radio… And I never appeared on TV!!!”

“Wait… He was on TV? Really? Oh my God, he should find somebody better than you!!!”

Touché.    🙂