Her Highness: the application

Applying for advertising jobs is a truly adventurous experience. The application is the cream of job hunting as you are free to do it in your own time, space, pace and atmosphere. It is a gut feeling process to get the answers of two questions:

  1. Is that agency right for me?
  2. Am I right for that agency?

Ad applications are in stark contrast to just ‘sending a CV out’ policy.

Based on my experience, I have ‘categorised’ the types of applications I have come across so far:

1.The blast: ‘We have invested time and thought in making it engaging to you, so please return the favour.’

Top interesting question:

‘Elvis has been found alive and well and 10 stone lighter in a shack in Hawaii. What advertising campaign would you use him for?’

2.The feeble application: ‘We are a big agency and we would rest on our laurels because we have deserved it. No need to sell our creativity to a bunch of newbies’.

Top uninteresting question:

‘What is your favourite brand and why?’ (Really?!?)

3.The hit-and-miss application: ‘’

Top killer question:

‘Tell us about yourself.’ (Quite nasty…)

The road to an advertising agency is paved with good intentions, isn’t it?

Lastly, I’d like to share a story heard from a drunken (so sincere) creative director at Cannes Lions 2012:

‘My secretary gazed at me with immense surprise when she saw me trashing half of the printed applications she had left on my desk. I explained: ‘We don’t hire people without luck.’’



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