How to successfully pack four and a half years of your life?

I don’t mean the luggage restrictions.

I don’t actually mean anything material.

The truly ‘heaviness’ comes from the emotional luggage. All the ups and downs. All the frowns and smiles. How do I pack that? How do I leave the UK with ease…

First step was working with the negativity I’ve accumulated so far. In order to process the sticky situations, I smiled at them and traced down what they had given me rather than what they had taken away from me.

Coming from the proverb, ‘A sin confessed is half forgiven’, I established: ‘A negative experience laughed at is ¾ positive already.’

Second step was to contemplate and focus on the splendid moments. Thus doubled them.

Third step was to step back from the above exercises and have a thorough look at my UK chapter.

Interestingly, we seem to have had the perfect relationship. (What you see is what you get)

My relations to the UK entirely fit my Life formula: be together until you grow together, if not, just grow apart.

If it wasn’t for the UK, I would have never woken up to spreading my wings. And I would have never appreciated which is the country I love and why I love it that much. Beautiful Bulgaria!

I feel I have so much more to explore than being anchored in the UK. Open to the newness, to the real challenges ahead is what triggers the cosmopolitan in me.

I’ve heard people saying it was ‘unwise’ to pack my bags and leave the UK. The argument: Because I had the best possible options in the UK and because I had graduated there.


I refuse to accept life is a routine, a complex of pre-set actions one has to complete. Or have a spine of a jelly bear.


The flower of life is change. So to water this ‘endangered’ flower, apply to places outside your comfort zone and ‘toss a CV’…

So bye-bye UK! It was a twisted yet appreciated pleasure.


One thought on “How to successfully pack four and a half years of your life?

  1. Ioana says:

    Pretty!! 🙂

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